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  Firmware Download New~~
  Module work flow diagram
  iBeacon datasheet
  EDR modules(HM-01~HM-09)
  BLE 4.0 modules(HM-10;HM-11)
  BLE 4.1 modules(HM-16;HM-17)
  BLE 4.2 modules(HM-18;HM-19)
  EDR & BLE modules(HM-12;HM-13)
  EDR & BLE modules(HM-12T)
  HM-15 USB Dongle datasheet
  HM-15 USB Dongle driver
  SPP Android ComAssistant
  BLE Android ComAssistant
  Win10 BLE Assistant(x32)
  Win10 BLE Assistant(x64)
  Win10 Phone Assistant(ARM)
  PC ComAssistant
  SPP Android Source code
  BLE Android Source code
  4.0 BLE IOS6 Source code
  4.0 BLE IOS7 Source code
  HM Bluetooth PCB Library
  product certification
Download Center
      [DOC]HM Bluetooth Module PCB Library(2016/1/10 16:06:43)
      [tool]The best android serial assistants(2016/1/10 16:05:05)
      [video]HM BLE module AT+TYPE command(2016/1/10 16:04:12)
      [video]HM BLE module work with iphone4s(2016/1/10 16:03:07)
      [video] HM Bluetooth module iBeacons(2016/1/10 16:00:40)
      [doc]HM-15 BLE USB Dongle datasheet V526(2016/1/10 15:57:02)
      [DOC]How to use ANCS function (HM-10/11)(2016/1/10 15:51:58)
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